Man jailed after taking indecent pictures to kickstart teen’s modelling career

Robert Lupton
Robert Lupton
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A MAN filmed a teenager in a “glamour shoot”, telling her she could be a model.

Robert Lupton got her to adopt different poses while he captured it all on a camcorder at his caravan.

Elizabeth Gallacher

Elizabeth Gallacher

His partner Elizabeth Gallacher was also there when the footage was taken.

When the police became involved, indecent images of children were found on his computer. Police also found extreme pornography involving animals.

Lupton, 56, of Sandylands Promenade, Heysham, has now been jailed for a total of 99 weeks.

He appeared for sentencing at Preston Crown Court, having admitted one offence of taking indecent photographs, six of possessing indecent photos, plus two of having extreme pornography.

Gallacher, 37, also of Sandylands Promenade, was also sent to jail.

She was given a 47 weeks jail term, having pleaded guilty to an offence of permitting indecent photos to be taken.

At the time of the offences, the defendants had been in a relationship for around five years.

Both seemed to have had problems with alcohol, the court heard.

Mr Jacob Dyer, prosecuting, said Lupton had suggested to a 16-year-old girl having a glamour video done.

“He said he would show it to a photographer friend of his who may then offer her work. He was telling her she could be a model”.

Gallacher was also there when the girl went to the caravan at Heysham and Lupton used a camcorder to film the teenager.

Mr Dyer said “She got on the bed to pose. Eventually he asked her to put on stocking, suspenders and gloves.

“He asked her to take off clothing and to adopt different poses. The female defendant was present throughout.”

The girl later felt ashamed of what had taken place and asked Lupton for the footage.

He refused, saying it was his and he could do what he wanted with it.

In police interview, Lupton said he thought the video of the 16-year-old had been done professionally and not been indecent.

Gallacher accepted having been present when the video was recorded.

Mr Ciaran Rankin, for Lupton, said: “It has been his position throughout that this was an attempt to kick start a modelling career, something he now acknowledges was inappropriate.”

Mr Rankin said that a number of other people had access to Lupton’s computer.

Although he knew the images were there, he had not been the one searching the internet for the material, said the barrister.

Also, when he received the extreme pornography, it wasn’t illegal at that time. The law changed later. Miss Rosalind Emsley-Smith, for Gallacher, said the girl had been consenting to the video that was taken.

“It was her understanding that the girl had requested it to be done, in order to produce a portfolio.

“The defendant had her views on that day about what was taking place, but was re-assured no offence was being committed.

“She had checked that the girl was happy to take part. She was trying to check it was an appropriate photographic shoot.”

Judge Stuart Baker told the pair before sending them to prison: “Even though a child is 16 and gives the outward appearance of enjoying and consensually participating in what happens, you have to understand that you were adults.

“Any sensible adult would have realised instinctively that what you were doing was wholly inappropriate.”

Lupton will be on the sex offenders register for ten years, banned from working with children and also subject to a sexual offences prevention order, without limit of time.