Kids, 7, in live chicks and dog poo spree

Bob Harrison.
Bob Harrison.
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Anti-social behaviour is causing problems in parts of Morecambe with residents having to endure eggs being thrown with live chicks and dog poo inside, graffiti defacing property, gangs of teenagers fighting, drinking and smoking in the street, drug taking, arson and criminal damage. Reporter Michelle Blade investigates

Boys as young as seven are throwing eggs with live chicks inside – as well as water bombs and dog poo 
– at houses.

Eggs have been thrown at residents' houses and cars in the West End.

Eggs have been thrown at residents' houses and cars in the West End.

Residents of Gardner Road, Heysham, Parliament Street, West Street, Regent Road and Devonshire Road are at the mercy of roving gangs, who throw the eggs, sometimes with live chicks inside they said, at houses.

There is also graffiti scrawled on walls and garage doors, rubbish fires set, 
cars damaged, vandalism, drug dealing, fighting and drinking in the street and verbal abuse.

A friend of a resident of Gardner Road said: “The kids have been kicking shutters, breaking windows, throwing paint and rubbish around, setting fires.

“They’ve been breaking into the abandoned garage and trashing it.

Graffiti on a wall near Gardner Road.

Graffiti on a wall near Gardner Road.

“It’s the young kids causing criminal damage, it’s not fair to the other residents.”

Bob Harrison, 73, who has lived on Gardner Road for 40 years said: “The Fire Service have been out to two or three fires which have been set in an old yard round the corner.

“The other night there were about eight, nine or 10 teenagers running riot in the street and these people don’t even live round here, they are from Heysham, Westgate and Torrisholme.

“This area is full of boltholes and they come to do damage and see what they can steal.

“They’ve been talking for 20 years about gating the 
alley entries but I’ve been told there is no money for the gates.

“If there is money for the Queen’s visit, there is money for this, they can’t use that excuse.

“There was a case recently in which a man was attacked with a hatchet in the street.

Anti-social behaviour issues in the West End were raised with police.

Morecambe Police Inspector Kirstie Banks-Lyon responded, saying: “In relation to anti-social behaviour in the areas mentioned the levels reported to the police appear to be similar to last year and still show a decrease on previous years.

“There has been issues with windows being egged but again this appears to have abated at this time.

“I have spoken to the Community Beat Manager who confirms this.

“There has been an increase in criminal damage offences across the whole of Morecambe district (covers Carnforth and Heysham as well) – again the increase in the West End is comparable to the increase in the rest of the district.Arson does not appear to be an issue. My advice would be for issues to be raised via 101 or emailing the NHP team on”

A spokesman on the Morecambe Police Facebook page, which ran an appeal to catch the egg throwing culprits, said: “It appears we have some groups in the West End mainly around the Parliament Street, Devonshire Road, Regent Road areas who think it is great fun to throw eggs at houses.

“Not only does it frighten the victim who is on the receiving end of their prank but it inconveniences them at the expense of their thoughtless behaviour.

“I’m sure people who have been on the receiving end will agree it is extremely difficult to remove. Anti social behaviour is something we aim to keep on top of so please help us identify this group.”

Everyone is working together to try and solve issues of anti-social behaviour on Gardner Road, said a Heysham councillor.

Councillor Margaret Pattison has been approached by residents up in arms about the ongoing issues on their street.

Coun Pattison said: “We had a discussion at a recent meeting at my surgery with residents, a PCSO and Environmental Health.

“Kids keep setting fire to rubbish round the corner so its a vicious circle.

“I’d go and paint over the graffiti myself but if it’s private property we can’t touch it.

“You feel better when the area looks better so everyone is working together to try and solve these issues, including the police.

“There is also an issue with planning permission for some derelict buildings nearby which has held things up.

“We will be holding another meeting in a few weeks ‘time to try and work things out together.”