Kicking off domestic violence campaign

Domestic violence.
Domestic violence.

Domestic violence abusers are being advised to seek help to change or risk paying the penalty as police work to protect victims during the World Cup.

Lancashire Police and partner agencies have promised to protect victims by focussing on those who abuse their partners and families during Brazil 2014.

Designated officers will be tasked with responding solely to domestic abuse incidents during England’s World Cup games using dedicated cars, and victims are being urged to ensure they make use of the legislation available to them in the fight against abusers.

Since Clare’s Law – a scheme which allows people to request information from the police about whether their partner has a domestic violence conviction – was introduced three months ago, 43 disclosures have been made by Lancashire Constabulary.

As well as being available to victims, Clare’s Law can also be used by friends, family and third-party organisations to request information if they are concerned about someone’s welfare. Superintendent Sue Cawley, Head of Lancashire Public Protection Unit, said: “Domestic abuse is an issue which people face and the police tackle on a daily basis all year round.

“However, it is well known that there’s a tendency for incidents of domestic violence to increase during high profile sporting events, particularly as more alcohol is consumed. With this in mind, we are using the competition to target offenders.

“I would also implore victims to make use of the legislation available to them.”