Have-a-go hero snaps racist graffiti yobs

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THIS is the moment that a racist vandal was caught in the act after being confronted by a brave member of the public.

The photo was taken after the man saw two youths defacing play equipment with graffiti at Regent Park in the West End.

One of them spat at him, but they were apprehended near the scene half an hour later, thanks to the resident, whose pictures helped identify them.

The man, who does not wish to be named, said: “Writing on a wall can become a riot, and we’ve seen enough of that lately.

“Between 6am and 7am, they entered the park by carrying their bikes over the fence. By 7am, I noticed they were drawing and writing on the play equipment. The wife reported it to the police.”

See The Visitor (24-08-11) for full story.