Girl attacked by a pet dog in park

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A girl was savaged by a dog whilst on a trip to a park for her birthday.

Maisie Gallacher, four, was visiting Happy Mount Park in Morecambe with her mum Tracyann and her auntie and dad when a labradoodle suddenly jumped on top of her, growling and snarling.

Maisie put her hand to her face to defend herself and was bitten.

The dog’s owner had to forcefully pull his pet off the girl to prevent her being injured further.

Tracyann said: “It happened that quick. She is only four and she had the weight of the dog on top of her.

“She was distraught. We took her to a table to check her over and noticed she had a wound on her chest as well, possibly a claw or a bite mark.

“She had a bite to her finger because the dog was going for her face. God forbid if the owner hadn’t managed to pull the dog off it could have been a lot worse.

“We took her to hospital for treatment.

“I rang the police and told them something needs to be done. I am an animal lover myself but I would never keep an animal that had done something like this.

“Every time Maisie sees a black dog she is terrified and she is also suffering from nightmares

“I don’t want it to happen again for the sake of other children. It was unprovoked and there was no reason for the dog to act like it did. It’s not the kind of animal you would expect to act like this but all animals are unpredictable.”

The incident happened on March 23.

Police said they received a call on March 23 about the incident and investigations were still ongoing.