Footpath robbery appeal

A MAN was hit over the head and robbed while walking on a public footpath off West Road in Lancaster.

The victim was walking along the path when he was approached from behind and hit over the head.

He fell to the ground and was then punched and kicked in the head before the robber reached into his jacket, stole a substantial amount of money and then ran away.

DC Ciara Campbell of Lancaster CID said: “As it all happened so quickly the victim was unable to see whether the offender was a man or a woman, or indeed whether there was more than one offender, so I would appeal to anyone who may have been in the area at the time to come forward and contact police. In particular, I would appeal for a woman to come forward who came to the aid of the victim as he was laid on the ground following the robbery. “

See The Visitor (04-05-11) for full story.