Father groomed under age girls

Alan Spragg
Alan Spragg

A FATHER of a baby daughter groomed girls under 16 on the internet.

Booths supermarket worker Alan Spragg, of Pond Street, Carnforth, appeared at Lancaster Magistrates Court on Monday and pleaded guilty to two charges of meeting or communicating with a girl under 16 after grooming on the internet.

He is due to appear at Preston Crown Court on January 30 for sentencing.

The father of one of the girls he targeted told The Visitor: “My daughter befriended him because they seemed to have some friends in common.

“At first it was just general chat about what kind of day she had had. Then he started asking her what she was wearing.

“Then he invited her round and said he would get some beers in and a video. He said they could watch it downstairs or upstairs in bed.

“She realised it had gone too far and she blocked him as a friend.

“It shows the dangers of Facebook.”

One of Spragg’s Facebook profiles is public but the other can only be viewed by friends.

On his public Facebook profile Spragg talks mostly about his daughter.

Unaware he was about to be prosecuted, he posted on January 12: “Happiest I’ve been in months.”

On January 13, he was arrested by police and charged.

Booths Carnforth confirmed that Mr Spragg was still an employee and had not been suspended. They did not wish to comment further.