Ear bite offender jailed

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THE victim of a horrific Mike Tyson-style attack in which part of his ear was bitten off says he is “gutted” after his attacker was jailed for just 12 months.

Alan Lingwood, owner of Heysham-based Lingwood Security, is permanently disfigured and will have to wear a prosthetic ear for the rest of his life, while George Austin, who bit George Austin, who bit him, may be out of prison in a matter of months.

Alan said: “I’m a bit gutted to be honest but the law’s the law. It was all in the judge’s hands and I have to go along with that.

“He certainly should have got more time.”

George Austin was thrown out of Ma Murphy’s pub in Morecambe on Christmas Day 2009 after assaulting Morecambe FC football legend Charlie Lea, 67. Once outside he assaulted Alan Lingwood and bit off a section of his ear.

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