Drugs crackdown marks 10 years

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A SPECIALIST operation aimed at tackling drug dealing in Lancashire has reached its 10th anniversary and is celebrating putting more than 900 criminals behind bars for a total of more than 1,600 years.

Operation Nimrod was launched by Lancashire Constabulary in April 2002 in a bid to reduce street crime, such as burglaries and robberies, that were linked to class A drug use.

Nimrod targets street level dealers, but unlike previous operations it combines traditional enforcement tactics with treatment for those with drugs problems and an increased level of community engagement to show residents what is being done to improve their neighbourhoods.

Since 2002 officers involved in Nimrod have carried out 1,028 drugs warrants and through 13 trials have put 945 drug dealers before the courts, who have then issued sentences totalling 1,602 years in prison.

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