Doorstep seller to appear in court after police swoop

The 'licence' seized from a doorstep seller in Hest Bank.
The 'licence' seized from a doorstep seller in Hest Bank.
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A hawker trying to sell household products on the doorstep had his goods seized and will be attending court.

Police said they had received complaints about doorstep sellers in and around the Carnforth, Bolton-le-Sands and Hest Bank area.

The complaints relate to aggressive and intimidating selling tactics and sellers visiting houses belonging to the elderly during the hours of darkness.

On Monday evening a man from the North East was found hawking without a licence in Hest Bank following complaints from the public that aggressive tactics were being used.

He had his goods seized and he will be attending court for trading without licence.

The image shows a copy of the ID card he was using, this is not an official licence.

Anyone wishing to sell items on the doorstep should have a licence called a Pedlars Licence.

This system makes sure that only reputable people can ply their trade.

Please speak to elderly relatives, make them aware of this and advise them to call police on 101 should they believe an offence is being committed.