Criticism of police strategy

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A watchdog has criticised Lancashire Police for not having an ‘overarching crime prevention strategy.’

The report, by Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary (HMIC) found Lancashire was also among forces unable to tell inspectors the number of named suspects yet to be arrested and inspectors found some staff had not received crime prevention training.

Inspectors also looked at 50 unattended crime reports and found 34 contained no evidence of any investigation.

However, the force was praised for its long term crime prevention initiatives and its use of social media to inform the community.

The HMIC also said the force had a ‘relatively good understanding of demand’ and is taking steps to address how resources are distributed Deputy Chief Constable Andy Rhodes said: “We are obviously pleased that HMIC highlighted some real positives in this report but it is disappointing that some of the learning points raiseed are presented with very little accompanying context.

“We have changed the way we m anage and investigate crime.”