Crime in brief

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Pram stolen

An unattended child’s pram was stolen from outside a cafe. Police said the three-wheeler black pram, without a baby inside, and with a Hello Kitty umbrella, was taken from outside Costa Coffee on Marine Road Central. The pram was stolen between 2.55pm and 3.15pm on June 24.

Stolen clothes

Clothes were stolen from a washing line whilst they were hanging out to dry. Police said three pairs of pink jeans, one pair of purple and black jeans, two hoodies and a pair of trainers, worth £170, were snatched from the line at a house on Chatsworth Road in Morecambe at 4.30pm on June 25.

Window smashed

A rock was thrown through the first floor window of a house. Police said the window at a house on Kensington Road in Morecambe was smashed at 7.45pm on June 27. The damage amounted to £150.

Car break-in

A TomTom satnav worth £90 was stolen from a parked car. Police said a Saab was parked on Lansdowne Grove in Morecambe between 1.30pm on June 26 and 9.30am on June 28 when it was broken into.

Stolen meat

Steak and gammon worth £80 was stolen from the Co-op on Regent Road in Morecambe, said police. A shoplifter stole the meat at 8pm on June 22.

Car searched

A thief fled emptyhanded after searching through a car glovebox. Police said an Audi A 4 which had been left unlocked was targeted between 7pm and 7.20pm on June 25 whilst it was parked on Avondale Road in Heysham.

Car scratched

A brand new car was scratched deliberately whilst it was on a supermarket car park. Police said the Skoda was parked in Morrisons car park in Morecambe between 12.15pm and 2.15pm on June 23, when a vandal scratched the bonnet and driver’s side of the vehicle, causing £600 damage.


Burglars stole crystal ornaments worth £500 from a shop. Police said the shop on Yorkshire Street in Morecambe was broken into on June 29 and 12 Zodiac ornaments were taken.