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Lancaster Magistrates Court.
Lancaster Magistrates Court.
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The following people were dealt with at Lancaster Magistrates’ Court:

BEVERIDGE, Sylvia (33), Broadway, Lancaster. Theft. Community order with 28 days curfew. Costs £60.

BLAGG, Mark (30), Morecambe Street, Morecambe. Non-payment of fine. Sum part remitted. Breached community order x2. Original order revoked. Curfew for eights weeks ordered.

BURKE, John Alexander (41), Main Street, Lancaster. Failed to deliver vehicle registration documents. Fined £200, costs £110.

BURROWS, Shaun William (40), Hubert Place, Lancaster. Shoplifting, breached community order. Community order with 12 months supervision. Compensation £3.40.

CALLAGHAN, Craig Stuart (36), Harcourt Road, Lancaster. Theft. One months conditional discharge. Costs £15.

CARR, Nathan Charles (23), Melling Court, Morecambe. Breached community order. Fifty-six day curfew.

DAVIES, Graeme Edward (46), Hunting Hill Caravan Park, Carnforth. Breached Sexual Offences Prevention Order. Fined £35, costs £20.

DAVIES, Toni Louise Elizabeth (24), Peplow Road, Heysham. Assault. Discharged conditionally for six months. Compensation £50, costs £265.

FROLOVA, Svetlana (52), Hyde Road, Morecambe. Failed to provide a specimen of breath. Fined £1,000, costs £300, 18 month driving ban.

GARDNER, John Francis (42), Kilnbank Avenue, Morecambe. Drunk and disorderly. Breached conditional discharge. Fined £80, costs £70.

GARTHWAITE, Jaydon Connor (19), New Road, Lancaster. Shoplifting. Compensation £20, costs £50.

HUNT, Jonathan Lee (36), Rowan Bank, Halton. Criminal damage x2. Compensation £150, costs £85.

IRVING, Shaun (63), Bridge House, Mainway, Lancaster. Theft. Breached conditional discharge. Fined £50, costs £20, compensation £50.

JAMSON, Maxwell Chris (22), Foxholes Mews, Bay Horse, Lancaster. Drink driving. Fined £130, costs £105. Disqualified for 23 months.

KEATING, Andrew James (53), Park House, Lune Street, Lancaster. Used threatening words or behaviour. Failed to surrender to custody. Six weeks prison suspended for 12 months. Costs £80.

MCGONNELL, Lee Michael (26), Mount Avenue, Lancaster. Harassment, criminal damage, breached conditional discharge. Community order with 12 week curfew, 12 month restraining order, compensation £60. Non-payment of fine. Application made for benefit deductions.

MOONEY, Raymond Andrew Richard (41), Browsholme, Scale Hall, Lancaster. Theft x6. Failed to surrender to custody. Failed to comply with a community order. Order revoked. Breached a community order x2. Assault. Sixteen weeks prison, costs £80.

NEWHOUSE, James (26), Conder Green, Lancaster. Kept unlicensed vehicle on road. Fined £200, costs £257.50.

O’NEILL, Charles (33), Riverview Court, Morecambe. Breached the peace. Bound over for £100 to keep the peace.

PETTIFOR, Dayne Frederick (46), Hampton Road, Heysham. Breached the peace. Bound over for £100 for six months to keep the peace.

RAWCLIFFE, Adam James (26), Ryelands Road, Lancaster. Drink driving, no insurance or licence. Fined £110, costs £120, 12 month driving ban.

REILLY, Kate (31), William Street, Carnforth. Drove while using a mobile. Fined £200, costs £170, three penalty points.

SIMMONS, Louis George Roy (29), Heaton Road, Lancaster. Shoplifting. Breached suspended sentence. Fourteen days prison, costs £80.

SIMONS, Gareth (42), Ellershaw House, Mainway, Lancaster. Theft. Breached a conditional discharge. Fined £70, costs £20.

SINCLAIR, Christopher Thomas Anthony (26), Meldon Grange, Heysham. Drink driving. Failed to stop at the scene of an accident. Fined £250, costs £110. Disqualified for 18 months.

SPEIGHT, Jamie Alex (25), Moorgate, Lancaster. Theft. Discharged conditionally for three months. Compensation £2.

SPENCER, Louise Eveline (28), Lower Bentham, Lancaster. Non-payment of fine. Further time to pay ordered.

STANDING, Ian (46), Alexandra Road, Lancaster. Theft. Assault. Compensation £84.78. Twelve months community order with supervision.

STEPHENSON, Lee Robert (24), Cedar Road, Lancaster. Criminal damage. Discharged conditionally for six months, costs £15. Took a vehicle without consent. Drove without a licence or insurance. Costs £60. Community order with 80 hours unpaid work, six penalty points. Non-payment of fine. Further time to pay ordered.

TAYLOR, Angela Elizabeth (33), Marine Road West, Morecambe. Statutory declaration granted. Speeding. Failed to give information as to identity of driver. Fined £60, costs £20, three penalty points.

TAYLOR, Thomas (43), Westminster Road, Morecambe. Assault. Compensation £100.

TAYLOR, Wayne (52), Rosebery Avenue, Morecambe. Drink driving. Driving without insurance. Fined £110, costs £105. Disqualified for 18 months.

TODOROVA, Bistra Peteva (33), Conder Garth, Ellel, Lancaster. Failed to give information to police relating to identification of a vehicle driver. Fined £270, costs £127, six penalty points.

WALLIS-FORSYTHE, Tyran (19), Skerton House, Mainway, Lancaster. Used unlicensed vehicle. Fined £200, costs £90, vehicle excise back duty £37.50.