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Lancaster Magistrates Court.
Lancaster Magistrates Court.
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The following people were dealt with at Lancaster Magistrates’ Court.

COLES, Jake Christopher (21), Sefton Road, Heysham. Drunk and disorderly. Fined £110, costs £120.

CUFFE, Seamus Stephen (40), Chestnut Grove, Lancaster. Drunk and disorderly. Failed to surrender to custody. Committed offence whilst on conditional discharge. Fined £50, costs £20. Resentenced for original offence of drunk and disorderly.

EDWARDS, Laura Lee (34), Morley Road, Lancaster. Non-payment of fine. Further time to pay ordered.

GIBSON, Andrew (45), Perth Street, Lancaster. Assault. Fined £50, compensation £50, costs £120.

GOULDING, Richard Leslie (31), Meldon Grange, Heysham. Had insufficient tyre tread on vehicle x2. Conditionally discharged for six months, costs £65, three penalty points.

JOHNSON, Mark Anthony (32), Sycamore Grove, Lancaster. Criminal damage. Twelve months conditional discharge, compensation £150, costs £65.

KELPSA, Laurynas (22), 
Regent Road, Morecambe. Took motorbike without 
consent. Drink driving. 
Compensation £1,404, 
costs £145, community order with 200 hours unpaid work.

MALATACCA, Daniela (26), Vine Street, Lancaster. Failed to deliver vehicle transfer documents. Fined £200, costs £110.

MANSFIELD, Fredrick James (46), Hawksworth Grove, Heysham. Breach of the peace. Bound over in the sum of £50 for six months. Non-payment of fine. Further time to pay ordered.

MCCANDLISH, Levi Royce (18), Borwick Court, Morecambe. Driving unlicensed vehicle. Fined £200, costs £90, excise back duty of £37.50.

O’DONNELL, Sarann (38), Patterdale Road, Lancaster. Drunk and disorderly. Breached conditional discharge. Resentenced for previous offence of criminal damage. Fined £35, costs £50, 12 month conditional discharge.

PRICE, Roseanne Margaret (30), Morecambe Street, Morecambe. Criminal damage. Discharged conditionally for six months, compensation £100.

ROSE, Hamish Hunter (58), St Austell Place, Crag Bank, Carnforth. Drunk and disorderly. Conditional discharge for six months, costs £15.

SHUTTLEWORTH, Dominic Thomas (21), Ridge Square, Lancaster. Fraud x2. Community order with 150 hours unpaid work, costs £100, compensation £3,983.90.

SMITH, Shane Andrew Anthony (39), Clarendon Road, Morecambe. Fraud. Twelve months conditional discharge, compensation £78.45, costs £65.

SMITH, Simon Adrian (46), Christie Avenue, Morecambe. Kept an unlicensed vehicle. Fined £200, costs £90, excise back duty £37.50.

TAYLOR, Thomas (42), Westminster Road, Morecambe. Theft. Fined £50, costs £20.

WEIGHELL, Owen (26), Ashbourne Close, Lancaster. Theft. Compensation £8.11, costs £40.