Coins stuck to cars in damage spree

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A WOMAN superglued coins to neighbours cars after arguing with her boyfriend, a court heard.

Zoe Smith, 26, from Morecambe, admitted damage of more than £5,480 to 16 cars parked in and around Clitheroe Street in Skipton where she had moved to from the town.

Skipton Magistrates court heard that Smith had gone on a massive drugs and alcohol binge before beginning her trail of destruction.

On November 23, after arguing with her boyfriend, she had started off by throwing an old television out of her home which had hit one of her neighbour’s cars.

She then went on to randomly stick coins to cars using Superglue before walking to Tesco supermarket, scratching more cars on the way there and back.

Smith admitted five counts of criminal damage and asked for 11 more to be taken into consideration.

Damage to cars ranged from between £300 and £600, with one victim having two cars damaged.

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