Car vandal ordered to cough up £5k comp

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A man who ran amok damaging cars in suburban Lancaster has been ordered to pay almost £5,000 in compensation.

Simon Paul Handley pleaded guilty to nine counts of criminal damage to vehicles.

Handley, 31, of Dundee Street in Lancaster, went on a spree of vandalism to parked cars on roads near his house, all on the same day.

He damaged cars on Dundee Street, Aberdeen Road, Coniston Road and Kirkes Road in the Moolands area of the city, including two Ford Fiestas, a Peugeot 106, a Renault Megane, two Vauxhall Corsas, a Volkswagen Passat, a Ford Escort and a KIA Sportage.

The incidents all took place on November 16 2014.

Handley was convicted at a hearing at Lancaster Magistrates’ Court on January 27.

He was told to pay £4,790 in compensation, which he will pay off at £200 per month.