Burglar jailed after stealing car

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A man who burgled a Lancaster house before stealing the occupants’ car has been sent to prison for more than four years.

Dominic Blaney, 26, of Sycamore Gardens, Heysham, was sentenced at Preston Crown Court on Monday.

He was told he would serve four years and four months after being found guilty of a dwelling burglary at a previous hearing.

Blaney used an insecure dining room window to enter the property on Willow Lane on August 24. Once inside, he took a set of car keys for a vehicle parked outside the house before stealing it.

PC Sarah Jackson, of Lancaster CID, said: “This was a frightening experience for the occupants, who woke to find an intruder in their home. Dominic then fled the scene and proceeded to drive away in their vehicle. It is right he received a lengthy custodial sentence for such an audacious crime and I hope the sentence acts as a deterrent for others.

“What this offence highlights is the importance of always keeping your property secure, even when you’re at home. Thieves will exploit every possible opportunity, and so we all have to do everything we can to make it as difficult as possible for them.”