Boys banned for animal cruelty

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Young cousins involved in a horrifying catalogue of animal cruelty on a Lancaster estate have been handed ASBOs.

Lancaster estate have been handed ASBOs.

Jordan Price and Jay Price, both 15, used their dogs to terrorise the pets of the Ryelands estate in a series of incidents.

Police told Lancaster Magistrates Court they included:

*Kidnapping Zebra, the Ryelands Primary School rabbit, whose severed foot was found and brought into the school by upset pupils.

*Cornering cats and setting their dogs, including a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, onto them.

One Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) said he had found “bits of cats”, including a leg, which had been thrown into a grassy area on the corner of Sefton Drive and Marshaw Lane.

He said the savaged body of another cat had also been found. A statement from one family told how they had been forced to flee their home on Crossgill Place after a campaign of terror which included their windows being smashed, canopy pulled down and the word “Grass” being daubed on the walls.

In one incident they answered a knock on the door to find a dead rabbit lying on their doorstep.

As well as the incidents of animal cruelty, the court heard that the boys were part of a larger gang of teenagers responsible for vandalism, graffiti and anti-social behaviour. An interim ASBO (Anti Social Behaviour Order) was imposed on the pair in September and a full two-year ASBO has now been confirmed.

Under its terms, Jordan Price, of Crossgill Place, and Jay Price, of Marshaw Road, must not:

*Be in possession of or control of an animal in a public place, except when exercising a muzzled dog on a lead.

*Act in an anti-social manner likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to others in Lancaster, in particular through use of foul or abusive language or threatening and intimidating behaviour.

*Enter the Ryelands estate other than to use a specified route to their own family homes, and in the case of Jay Price, also to his grandfather’s home.

*Associate with each other and Declan Clarkson, George Price-Gracie, Billy Price-Gracie, Andrew Stocker, Callum Clarkson or Connor Lynch.

PCSO Katie McKelvie, of the Ryelands neighbourhood police team, said: “Both Jordan and Jay Price have caused mayhem in and around the estate 
for some time and we have had a number of reports of them mistreating residents’ pets, particularly cats and rabbits.

“We are not just talking about their dogs biting these animals, they appear to have been ripped apart and it would have been very traumatic for the school children who found the rabbit’s foot.

“That is the worst kind of anti-social behaviour I have seen, but hopefully the conditions of these ASBOs will restrict this unruly behaviour and make Jordan and Jay Price reconsider their actions.

“Since the interim ASBOs were imposed there has been a visible increase in the number of cats out and about on the estate.”