Bid to tackle child sexual exploitation


A week of activity aimed at raising awareness on how to tackle child sexual exploitation has been launched.

Lancashire Constabulary will undertake a range of educational and operational activities in conjunction with all its partners, focusing on prevention, awareness, enforcement and community engagement.

The week-long programme will include visits to schools and care homes where officers will explain the importance to children and adults of recognising the signs and risk factors involved in exploitation.

Posters and contact cards for teachers, parents, carers taxi drivers, sports coaches and youth leaders will be distributed to encourage those professionals working with children to know what to look out for, with the key message that it is a very serious offence that can affect any child, anytime and anywhere regardless of their social or ethnic background.

Officers will be attending known hotspots, monitoring licensed premises and carrying out warrants throughout the week across the whole of the county.

The focus is to highlight work that is currently undertaken every day by Lancashire Constabulary and its partners throughout the county, by raising awareness through the week of action.

If you are concerned about a young person you know, call Lancashire Police on 101.

In an emergency, always dial 999.

Visit for lots more information, or visit for advice on a range of subjects.