Beware of criminals on social media

police tape
police tape
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Organised criminals are using new methods – such as social media – to recruit members of the public to act as unsuspecting money launderers, according to Financial Fraud Action UK (FFA UK) .

Money mules are often recruited by fraudsters to receive money into their bank account, then withdraw the money and wire it overseas, minus a commission payment.

The mules are told that they are taking a legitimate job using such titles as ‘money transfer agent’.

Acting as a money mule is illegal and allows organised crime groups to move funds easily the world.

If you are caught doing this you can face a prison sentence and the prospect of never being able to get a mortgage or open a bank account.

According to intelligence, fraudsters are now targeting people through social media, includingFacebook posts on closed groups, or instant messages.

To report fraud, call 0300 123 2040.