ASBO for Pigeon Man

John Wilkinson aka Pigeon Man of Morecambe. Picture: Docubyte.
John Wilkinson aka Pigeon Man of Morecambe. Picture: Docubyte.

Morecambe’s Pigeon Man has been given an ASBO banning him from feeding the birds at his house.

John Wilkinson – dubbed Pigeon Man – is a well- known figure around the resort with his trolley and bags of bird seed.

But under the conditions of his two-year anti-social behaviour order his feeding will be severely restricted.

Neighbours have been complaining to Lancaster City Council for years about the noise, droppings and disease caused by the enormous number of pigeons gathering to be fed.

But Mr Wilkinson, 64, of Cavendish Road, disputes the need for his ASBO. He told The Visitor: “I’ve fed the birds for over 50 years. There are paedophiles, rapists, burglars in the West End and they target me.

“My house has been attacked by vandals but the police don’t do anything.

“The real reason for the ASBO is the new housing development planned near my house.

“Other neighbours smash bottles in the street and I’ve had used needles thrown in my garden.

“I will have to comply with the ASBO but I don’t think its fair.

“I’ve got £700 court costs to pay but a burglar will only get £50 court costs. It’s a lot of money.”

One neighbour, who did not wish to be named, said: “It’s mainly the mess. My electric bill was £1,200 because I have had to use my dryer and put my heating on to dry my washing. If I put my washing out the pigeons poo all over it.

“We’ve been here nine years and when we first came we thought his house was derelict. We did get on but not now. He would shout at my kids playing out because they would scare the pigeons.

“I’ve complained to the city council between 80 and 100 times. I’ve taken pictures of the outside of his house and of pigeons feeding all over the road.

“I’ve also had pigeons getting into my loft and scrabbling around and they scared my daughter.

“He is still feeding them and no doubt he will be feeding them again.

“Three or four times a day he feeds them, the birds make a terrible noise like an engine.

“He needs to be put somewhere he can feed them.

“It’s his family house but he has to think of people around him.”

Under the conditions of his Asbo, Mr Wilkinson must not feed any birds in his home or within 100 metres of his address; feed any birds in England and Wales outside of the exclusion zone unless the feeding takes place twice a day between the hours of 9.30am and 10.30am, then 3.30pm and 5pm, in a location that cannot be the same location in the morning and afternoon; and no more than half a kilo of bird seed to be fed to the birds at any one time; feed any birds in England and Wales outside the exclusion zone any other foodstuffs or bird food, except bird seed; aid, abet or incite others to feed any bird within England and Wales.

The order lasts for two years.

Mr Wilkinson also has to pay £700 costs to Lancaster City Council.