Appeal after man is bitten by dog

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A dog owner was attacked and badly bitten by a mongrel whilst walking his pet near Caton Road in Lancaster.

Police are appealing for information after what they described as a ‘serious’ attack on the man.

At 10pm on April 20, the man, who is local, was walking his own dog in the wooded area east of Ambleside Road, near to the canal footbridge and golf course off Caton Road.

The dog walker heard a rustle in the bushes and a black, shaggy haired, medium sized mongrel started to attack his own dog.

His own dog sought refuge behind the dog walker and then the mongrel attacked him.

The mongrel bit deeply into the dog walker’s hand, who had to punch and kick the mongrel to get it off him.

The dog walker had to endure several days in hospital and as a result he will be off work for at least two months.

From some people in the area, a similarly described black mongrel has been seen running loose with a white Staffordshire terrier along the canal towpath in the Newton area of Lancaster, worrying other dog walkers.

The mongrel is therefore believed to be local to that area.

PC Simon Harrison, from Lancaster Police, said: “We would appeal to the public and the owner of the described dog, to get in touch with us to help us and provide any information in regards to this investigation.

“This attack was very serious and the thought of this dog attacking again, including children in the area, is something we would strive to avoid.

“If you or anyone you know has had a similar experience in that area, then we would like to hear from you”.

Anybody with any information can call police on 101 quoting Crime Number WB1503216 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or on-line at

No personal details are taken, information is not traced or recorded and you will not go to court.