£25k seized in rucksack has to be paid back by Lancaster man

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A man has been ordered to pay back nearly £25,000 which he earned from criminal activity.

Martin Philip Bullough, 63, of Mainway, Lancaster, appeared at North Cumbria Magistrates Court.

At 10.45am on Thursday, May 22, a black Peugeot 107 was stopped on the M6, between junctions 41 and 42, while travelling at high speeds.

A rucksack was found with a large amount of cash inside, in mostly Scottish banknotes.

Bullough, the driver, was subsequently arrested.

As a result of the lack of information provided Bullough with regards to the legitimacy of the money recovered from him, and evidence collated by the police, it was argued by the police that the money seized was recoverable property under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.

At the hearing on December 18, Bullough did not contest that the money seized by officers was derived from criminal conduct.

DC Duncan Watson, Financial Investigator for Cumbria Constabulary who led the case, said: “This case shows that we are committed to preventing people in Cumbria from profiting from criminal activity.

“We will continue to look to seize suspicious property and investigate thoroughly through our financial investigators.

“We use relevant Proceeds of Crime legislation and intelligence led stop-searches to ensure money illegally acquired by criminals, and organised crime groups, is put back into the community.”

Bullough was ordered to pay back £24,820.