Court listings 28/07/16

The following people were dealt with at Lancaster Magistrates Court:

Thursday, 28th July 2016, 1:30 pm
COURT Lancaster Magistrates Court. 23080411

BARRATT, Louise (27), Tweed Street, Higher Bentham. Theft. Breached suspended sentence given for five offences. Jailed for 10 weeks, costs £115. Theft. Committed offence during suspended sentence order. Community order with 12 week curfew and electronic tag. Costs £85. Sixteen weeks sentence suspended for 18 months.

CORLESS, Brian (23), Langdale Place, Newton Estate, Lancaster. Failed to comply with community requirement of suspended sentence. Order to continue with additional 30 hours unpaid work.

DOUGHERTY, Liam James (30), Buxton Street, Morecambe. Attempted theft. Community order made, four week curfew with electronic tag. Costs £85.

GHORST, Tina (44), River Street, Lancaster. Failed to provide specimen. Fined £180, 
costs £170, disqualified for 20 months.

HITCHEN, Callan Neville (22), Albert Road, Morecambe. Breached a restraining order. Fined £90, costs £70.

HOLMES, Aaron (18), Westminster Road, Morecambe. Interfered with a motor vehicle. Fined £110, costs £20.

JACOBS, John Stuart (32), Fairhaven Way, Morecambe. Assault. Fined £190, costs £120.

JOHNSON, Lydia Jane (23), Willow Lane, Lancaster. Theft x5. Attempted to steal x1. Prison for 16 weeks, 12 months suspended. Costs £115.

KINRADE, Carl (36), Lancaster Road, Morecambe. Non-payment of fine. Further time to pay ordered. Assault. Fined £115, costs £115.

MALE, Chris (23), Alexandra Road, Morecambe. Non-payment of fine. Application for benefit deductions.

RATCLIFFE, John Mark (31), Queen Street, Morecambe. Theft. Conditional discharge for two years. Costs £20. Non-payment of fine. Further time to pay ordered.

SMITH, Anthony (51), Albert Road, Morecambe. Assault x2. Breached conditional discharge. Community order with eight weeks curfew. Costs £170.

SMITH, Leyton Dean (29), Hampton Road, Morecambe. Assault. Twelve month community order with a rehabilitation requirement, 40 hours unpaid work, restraining order. Compensation £200, costs £560.

SWITHENBANK, Paul (50), Clarence Street, Morecambe. Drunk and disorderly x2. Cannabis possession. Breached conditional discharge. Fined £80, costs £30.

TURNBULL, Daniel Leslie Thomas (24), Hubert Place, Lancaster. Breached a community order x2. Resentenced for original offence of possession of Class B drug. Community order with two weeks curfew.