Court listings 21/07/16

The following people were dealt with at Lancaster Magistrates Court:

Thursday, 21st July 2016, 10:00 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 3:21 pm
COURT Lancaster Magistrates Court. 23080411

ANDERTON, Nicholas James (39), Bowfell Avenue, Morecambe. Failed to comply with community order. Community order, curfew with electronic tag for 12 weeks.

BAILEY, Beth (40), Clarendon Road, Lancaster. Theft x4. Failed to surrender at court. Community order with eight week curfew. Costs £170.

BATES, Barry (50), Acorn Gardens, Morecambe. Non-payment of fine. Committed to custody for 28 days suspended.

BEALE, Emily (37), Rowan Place, Lancaster. Drunk in charge of a child under seven. Fined £100, costs £20.

BLAMIRE, Mitchell (27), St Wilfred’s Park, Lancaster. Breach of community order. Order revoked. Resentenced for original offences of assault x2. Fined £50. Drug rehabilitation order.

CRABTREE, Ryan Lee Patrick John (22), Yorkshire Street East, Morecambe. Non-payment of fine. Suspended sentence of 14 days.

GRAYSON, Alice Elizabeth (34), Princes Gardens, Bare Lane, Morecambe. Drink driving. Community order with rehabilitation requirement. Costs £170, disqualified for 28 months.

HARRISON, Kyle Mark (19), Hestham Avenue, Morecambe. Theft. Fined £60, costs £50.

HILL, Kristian (18), Hall Grove, Middleton. Assault. Fined £35, compensation £50, costs £60.

HOUSE, Wendy Elizabeth (45), Lindeth Close, Silverdale. Drink driving. Fined £110, costs £115, disqualified for 14 months.

HOWARD, Loren Michelle (31), Charnley Street, Lancaster. Failed to ensure child attended school. Fined £440, costs £44.

KIERZEK, Zygfryd (58), Royds Avenue, Morecambe. Criminal damage. Six months conditional discharge. Compensation £100, costs £65.

LAMBERT, James Michael (20), Clevelands Grove, Morecambe. Caused or contributed to football violence. Football banning order made for three years.

LENNON, Bryan Geoffrey (38), Lancaster Road, Slyne. Breach of the peace. Bound over in the sum of £100 for 12 months to keep the peace.

LICENCE, Paul Bernard (41), Alexandra Road, Morecambe. Assault. Restraining order. Compensation £150, costs £385.

MORRIS, Christopher Stephen (23), Connaught Road, Lancaster. Kept an unlicensed vehicle on a public road. Fined £220, vehicle excise back duty £45.42, costs £90.

NELSON, Paul (55), Whams Lane, Bay Horse, Lancaster. Speeding. Fined £258, costs £111, three penalty points.

OAKESHOTT, Edward Charles Manuell (33), Waterside Place, Morecambe. Theft. Costs £50, compensation £10.

RAWSTRON, Daniel John (38), Lune Street, Lancaster. Non-payment of fine. Committed to custody for six months suspended.

ROBERTS, Donna (36), Cedar Road, Lancaster. Failed to ensure child attended school. Fined £80, costs £70.

WHITTLE, Jennifer (42), Ashbourne Drive, Lancaster. Failed to ensure child attended school. Fined £40, costs £20.

WILKINSON, Nicole Simone (37), Melbourne Road, Lancaster. Non-payment of fine. Further time to pay ordered.

WILKINSON, Victoria (37), Clare Road, Lancaster. Failed to ensure child attended school. Fined £40, costs £20.

WILLIAMS, Anton (25), Warley Avenue, Morecambe. Drove without due care and attention. Fined £329, costs £432, seven points on licence.

WILSON, Katrina (34), Clarendon Road, Lancaster. Theft x2. Breached a conditional discharge. Compensation £132, costs £30.

WYZGOLIK, Anna (44), Osborne Road, Morecambe. Failed to ensure child attended school. Fined £200, costs £120.

YATES, David John (27), Cross Street, Morecambe. Assault. Community order with 12 weeks curfew. Costs £660.