Couple guilty of killing parents

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A woman and her husband have been found guilty of murdering her parents.

Patricia and William Wycherley were thought to have been living in Morecambe since 1998, but had instead been buried in their back garden for 15 years.

Susan and Christopher Edwards shot them and then buried them a week later at their home in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, in 1998.

The couple then stole thousands of pounds, siphoned off the Wycherleys’ pensions and sold their house.

The bodies were found last October after the Edwards gave themselves up.

They had fled to France because officials were trying to contact Mr Wycherley, believing he was approaching his 100th birthday.

The couple had spent much of their money on Hollywood memorabilia and were heavily in debt.

They were arrested at St Pancras station in London when they returned from France after making contact with the police.

Both of them denied murder, but Susan Edwards, 56, had admitted the manslaughter of her mother.

She claimed during the trial she was provoked into shooting her because her mother had shot her father.