County councillors go online

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RESIDENTS of Morecambe, Lancaster and the wider district can now find out about the work of their county councillors at the click of a mouse.

Information about activities county councillors are involved with; photos highlighting the work they do; and contact details are all available on the county council’s website

County councillors’ websites include information and news about how they are working with the community, member grants they have handed out, or positions they hold in office.

The websites have been improved as part of the authority’s continued drive to make the democratic process more accessible.

County Councillor Mark Perks, cabinet member for young people, said: “The websites give people an excellent opportunity to find out more about the work of their local county councillor.

“All people have to do is find their local councillor, select their picture or name, then click on the link to their personal website.

“They’ll find out about community work they’re involved with, upcoming events and pictures of their work. Each page is updated by county councillors themselves so there is a wide variety of information that is provided.

“The county councillor’s personal websites will bring democracy closer to the community using the latest technology.”