Council wants your views on Sandylands paddling pool restoration

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Would you like to see Sandylands paddling pool restored to its former glory?

Morecambe Town Council wants your views on the matter.

Heysham residents would like to see the old pool near the Battery brought back into use.

The council has £5,000 put aside for a feasibility study but will first consult with local taxpayers on the issue. Four years ago, residents complained in The Visitor that the former pool had gradually filled up with muddy sand and was a hazard for people out walking on the beach.

Built around 1930, it was ‘left to nature’ over 10 years ago when the promenade coastal defence works were first mooted because it would require regular dredging to maintain it as a pool.

The town council would like to know if you would like to see a paddling pool reinstated in the Sandylands area and where it should be positioned.

Please email your response to David Croxall, town clerk, at

The closing date for your views is March 28.