Council signs up with Dignity

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LANCASTER City Council has agreed to sign up to the Dignity Code published by the National Pensioners Convention.

Councillor Eileen Blamire urged councillors to give their full support to the code, designed to “uphold the rights and maintain the dignity of older people”.

She said: “Dignity, like charity, should begin at home and as leader of the council I wish to ensure that all our committees and all our staff are fully aware of the code and follow its nine-point guidelines.”

These guidelines include:

* Respect for an individual’s habits, values, particular cultural background and any needs linguistic or otherwise;

* The use of formal spoken terms of address, unless invited to do otherwise;

* Comfort, consideration, inclusion, participation, stimulation and a sense of purpose in all aspects of care;

* Support for the individual to maintain their hygiene and personal appearance;

* Respect for people’s homes, living space and privacy;

* Concerns to be dealt with thoroughly and the right to complain without fear of retribution.