Council has failed serial shopaholics in our area

Mick Dennison.
Mick Dennison.
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There are a few days left for us all to endure the blanket minutiae coverage of the election in the media; the big question for me is do I talk about that or... shopping.

Shopping has won the day as last week I was dragged, if that’s the operative word, to Preston which to be honest is a far better place to buy clothes than Morecambe or Lancaster for that matter. It seems the local council have failed the serial shopaholics in the local area by not going ahead, or dithering over past retail projects.

Sorry, I did say we were going to talk about shopping.

It is hard though to separate the two subjects. I made a tactical decision to allow the wife to do her shopping first; I learnt this from observing one local party who wait until the others make their mistakes and then say “I told you so,” afterwards. On this occasion she behaved herself and made her purchases in record time.

In Preston there are many choices of shops or a wider range than we have, a bit like the state of play today on the political scene, unlike Morecambe and Lancaster where if you shop in Next you will be wearing the same as everyone else.

One thing I did learn from shopping was the great scope for job creation as women all seem to throw clothes around on racks, but very rarely choose anything. Suddenly out of the blue assistants appear to make the dishevelled clothes look neat and tidy again on the display. This can also be linked to politics – putting something right that has been messed up.

When it was my turn I was “In like Flynn,” so to speak, chose what I wanted, didn’t faff about and only went slightly over budget.

One day, hopefully, we will be able to do that in Morecambe especially if our politicians get to grips with the new retail park, don’t mess things about and give people other things to visit the town for. We now have our carnival established; let’s build on that for the future.

You can gentlemen avoid all the hassle of shopping though – do it all online.