Columnist: MP David Morris

David Morris.
David Morris.

I was really pleased to hear Prime Minister David Cameron announce on Monday morning that Hinkley Point nuclear power station has been given the go-ahead.

The go-ahead represents a great deal of negotiation between the government and EDF to negotiate what is known as the strike price.

I should explain that the strike price is in essence the guaranteed price per MwH.

I think the fact that the Government was determined to negotiate a strike price and has given the go-ahead to Hinkley Point emphasises its commitment to new nuclear builds.

This is really excellent news for the thousands of people employed directly or indirectly in the nuclear power industry in Heysham and of course the greater economy of Morecambe and Lunesdale, a point I made on the BBC’s Newsnight programme on Monday night.

The key point for us here in Morecambe and Lunesdale is the fact that there is agreement between EDF and the Government on a strike price which will be the starting point for negotiations on new nuclear builds.

Earlier, I read an article online from the local newspaper serving the community close to Sizewell and the journalist made the point that Hinkley Point getting the go-ahead will be positive for Sizewell.

I believe this is the case for Heysham. Heysham has been ear marked as a site for new nuclear build and is on that list with Hinkley Point, Hartlepool and Sizewell.

Now that a strike price has been negotiated for Hinkley and the first new nuclear power station for a generation has been given the go-ahead 
I will continue to talk to government, EDF and global partners to ensure that the new nuclear power station at Heysham, Heysham 3 becomes a reality.

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