Column: Time changes life's reflections

Carol Forster's new book The Chameleon Clock
Carol Forster's new book The Chameleon Clock
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This week dear readers, I would like to share my latest novella with you - ‘The Chameleon Clock’ - which is on my normal theme of nostalgia and how time changes things.

Although very short, you will find passion, tragedy and unpredictable outcomes in the book. Here is a short extract:

‘...There was nothing special about the day. Ann sat in the cafe looking out at the garden with fingers furled round her cup.

'Steaming coils rose above as she peered into the glorious scene of summer blooms.

'It wasn’t long since she and Mark had split up and she still felt a pang every time she woke up.

'It hadn’t been right for quite some time but they’d carried on, as you do. She wondered what he was doing now, but decided not to dwell on that. The blooms of pink and gold caught her 'eye and brought childhood memories back of toys and summer beaches, with parasols neatly lined along the coast. They’d gone to Spain every summer, and the memory of endless sun warmed her a little in the cold corner of the cafe.

'She examined her hands for a while. They looked older. Small lines were forming on other lines and the once pure skin seemed more weathered. The years hadn’t been so kind, yet she didn’t want to complain. A lot of good had come her way too.

'Pondering on how things had been, she glanced at stark red headlines in a newspaper. At first, she didn’t really take it in, but then she saw the word ‘doom’ and felt compelled to read.

'Just at that moment, a friend of hers entered the cafe and she got distracted. They chatted awhile about their latest news, then left the cafe, carelessly brushing the paper aside. It was the first stage.

'She wasn’t yet aware, but her days were now squarely numbered it seemed, though in truth they always had been, from day one. You could divide them equally into twelves if you liked or perhaps dally with a 352 concept. She didn’t yet know. No-one did...’

Enjoying the theme of time, it was fascinating to write a story that showed how the clock changes things, sometimes completely .My book’s available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle form. Hope you enjoy it!