Column: MP David Morris

MP David Morris.
MP David Morris.
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This week my role as self employment ambassador to the Government was officially confirmed again after the election period.

I am delighted to be asked to resume this position, as a former self-employed businessman myself I understand the implication of government policy on small business.

If you have any other ideas of how the Government could help the self-employed please contact me.

On Wednesday in Parliament I had a meeting with the new minister in charge of new nuclear builds Andrea Leadsom MP, to discuss how progress can be made quickly with the build of Heysham 3.

Heysham has been designated as one of eight sites nationally where a new nuclear power station can be built and in the coming weeks and months I will be pressuring the Department to ensure Heysham is moved higher up the list of priorities.

On Friday I also had a meeting with Station Director of Heysham 2 Alan Oulton to discuss the future of the station and the site of Heysham 3.

I was also pleased to have a tour of the station on the visitor route.

If you would like to have a tour of Heysham 2 please contact Donna on 01524 868451.

On Friday I was honoured to attend a special assembly at Morecambe Bay Primary School.

The assembly was to honour Miss Hancock who was awarded a prize as she has been selected in the top three of the Teacher of the Year awards in the Primary School Teacher Category.

The honour is an asset to the whole school and it was obvious from attending the assembly how valued Miss Hancock is at Morecambe Bay.

I wish her all the best for the awards ceremony!

On Saturday I attended the annual Barefest on Princes Crescent in Bare.

As always it was a fantastic event and was extremely well organised.

Well done to all of the team involved in organising the event. If you are a constituent and you have a problem you would like help with please get in touch , by phone 01524 841225 or by email