Column: Memories of a sixties and seventies childhood

Carol Forster
Carol Forster
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If you fancy a return trip down memory lane, I’ve compiled my nostalgia columns, first published in Lancaster Guardian, and put them into a small book, alongside two fictional stories and a few tributes, including my column on ‘our John Waite’.

My book, ‘Long Before Now – A Sixties Childhood And Beyond’, focuses firmly on the theme of time, also found in the stories at the end.

Mostly a happy and humorous revisit of sixties childhood and seventies adolescence, you will relate strongly to the memories, if you are from that era.

It does contain a couple of sad bits though at the end.

Given that I lived in Lancaster from the age of three, most memories are based here, although the town is not always mentioned.

Primary days at Moorside School and teen years at the Grammar will give readers a backdrop to the columns.

The tributes are for those stars who have personally affected me over the decades; some no longer with us, sadly.

Here is a short extract from one of my stories – ‘The End’ which can be found in the book: ‘...Pootling around the harbour was quite natural for John. He rarely did other than to watch the primary coloured boats, but this was no surprise. He had been given another chance.

‘ A chance to do it all again. He had really been surprised, but then that was hardly surprising. Cancer free and on his way back to Italy, he grabbed the last remaining clothes and came to.

‘He had better explain. Perhaps. Or better not? So with a guilty heart, he hopped aboard a mundane bus that headed south to an airport. Forgetting his mobile did not perturb. Leave his life behind, he thought. Completely.

‘So there in the queue with all the others, he jostled for his place. The urgency was more acute. The harbour was gone. Smiling faces jarred, yet reminded him of good things.

‘Perhaps he should have booked, but he was used to winging it. No worries. He would work it out. And so it was that John sat and stared from the window of his Pisa bound plane...’

As with most of my books, I enjoy exploring the theme of time, and this is especially so.

The book is available on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback form.