City doorman comes face to face with blade at Morecambe takeaway

Mikey Richardson, 31, from Lancaster
Mikey Richardson, 31, from Lancaster

A security doorman used his martial arts experience to wrestle a knife away from a woman in a tense confrontation at a Morecambe takeaway.

Mikey Richardson reacted quickly to the woman who was wielding a knife at Rehmans takeaway on Queen Street.

The 31-year-old from Lancaster finished work and was heading home when he was informed by other colleagues that a woman who had previously been sent out of the eatery came back and was pointing a knife at staff.

Mr Richardson said: “I just went into auto-pilot, I think anyone would do the same thing. My initial reaction was to get the knife as far away as possible.

“I snook up behind her and grabbed the knife from the blade, releasing her thumb from the blade.

“Once I got the knife I turned around and quickly walked out of the door and over the road.”

Mr Richardson owes his life to a first lesson in martial arts where he learnt how to take a weapon from someone.

He said: “These lessons possibly saved my life. If she tried to pull the knife back it could have sliced my fingers off or if she pulled away she could have stabbed me.”

In his five years on the job Mr Richardson has never experienced anything like the incident which happened in June.

He said: “It has made me question what has it come to in Morecambe?”

Samantha Moore, 24, of Morecambe Street, was found guilty of threatening another person with a sharply pointed article in a public place. At Preston Crown Court she received six months, suspended imprisonment for 12 months and a curfew for 16 weeks between 8pm-6am.