Chatsworth Gardens CCTV debate causes tension

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A city councillor has called for less “bashing” about rubbish in the West End during talks over CCTV for a housing regeneration project.

Councillor Janice Hanson has said picking out one area in Morecambe is not right and the litter problem is something which needs to be tackled in all areas of the town.

She said: “I don’t want all this bashing about the West End with all this rubbish, there is rubbish in the whole of Morecambe, to pick 
that out as one area is not right.”

Her comments came during a Morecambe Town Council meeting on Thursday about CCTV to watch over the West End’s Chatsworth Gardens scheme.

Councillor Beryl Spelling reassured colleagues there has been a reduction in crime and anti-social behaviour due to the work of Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) but admitted there are still hot-spots.

She said: “Although crime and anti-social behaviour is down, we still have hot spots where crime is still rife.

“We had a meeting over the rubbish issues that has come from members of the community.

“I know it has been an ongoing problem down there. Councillors down there would like to see something that would improve the situation.”

Councillor Hanson said: “I think we should be asking the city council for this and it is up to the developers to get the CCTV.”

Morecambe Town Council will now ask Lancaster City Council and the developers of Chatsworth Gardens to work together to try to install CCTV whilst building work takes place on the project.