Changes to Christmas bin collections

Recycling bins in Lancaster.
Recycling bins in Lancaster.
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There will be changes to bin collection days over the Christmas period.

Collections due on Monday, December 25 will instead be on Saturday, December 23. Other changes are: Tuesday, December 26 will change to Wednesday, December 27; Wednesday, December 27 will change to Thursday, December 28; Thursday, December 28 will change to Friday, December 29; Friday, December 29 will change to Saturday, December 30; Monday, January 1 will change to Tuesday, January 2; Tuesday, January 2 will change to Wednesday, January 3; Wednesday, January 3 will change to Thursday, January 4; Thursday, January 4 will change to Friday, January 5; Friday, January 5 will change to Saturday, January 6.

There will be no collections of garden waste from Monday, December 18 until Monday, February 12.

During this time, the council is encouraging people to either compost green waste or dispose of it at a local recycling centre.