CHAMBER CHAT: Susan Parsonage

Susan Parsonage
Susan Parsonage
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There are exciting times ahead, as Lancaster City Council has published its council plan, setting out its ambitions and priorities for enhancing the economy, the environment and wellbeing of the district’s communities.

The area is booming and, with some exciting projects in the pipeline, we want the district to thrive as a vibrant regional centre in the north west.

You may have heard that the organisation is changing at the top level, as we take steps to ensure we are equipped to make the most of the opportunities already on offer as well as creating our own opportunities.

This change is vital in making sure we are in a position to meet our aspirations and ensure we focus on driving growth so that we continue to deliver core services.

The Bay Gateway opened up opportunities around the Heysham area, where we are already supporting local business aspirations.

Elsewhere, within Lancaster’s Canal Quarter, we are consulting with local people to bring about significant regeneration that is well supported, sustainable and will enhance the area.

Our focus is not just on physical changes, however, and our forward-thinking officers and councillors are continuing to develop our collaborations with local partners, allowing us collectively to add to the strength and vibrancy of our district.

Whether that’s supporting North Lancs Expo, through festivals like Vintage or working with initiatives such as Digital Lancaster, successful partnerships matter.

The council continues to invest in economic growth, along with other fundamental areas, such as parks and open spaces which enhance the district for all who live and work here.

We will achieve our greatest success by working collaboratively with partners. We are hoping our determination and ambition will further encourage others to want to be part of the exciting future we are mapping out for our district.