Chamber Chat: Sandra Cottam-Shea from SCS Logistics

Sandra Cottam-Shea
Sandra Cottam-Shea
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This week my self-development mission is to re-write our company values, cultures and ethos.

This is to aid in a safe and happy workplace encouraging team respect and support.

You would think it’s an easy thing to do as in our society we all share the same values and moral conduct, so why are our prisons full?

We all have the same vision on order and tidiness so why is there a corner in my warehouse full of rubbish?

We all know that cleanliness is next to godliness so why does the washroom look like a garage?

Walk into any long standing institution such as the NHS and you will see their mission statement, patient charter etc on the wall. Yet, every hospital presents in a very different manner when it comes to safety, cleanliness and quality.

Some industry giants just have it right having developed a workplace that has waiting lists and some get it so, so wrong.

So, in my ‘family’ type company where the number of employees means we all know each other so well how do we keep the ‘family’ from being dysfunctional without being dictatorial?

I looked for advice which ranged from leading by example, operating at such a high level of positivity that others would absorb, asking for all employees’ opinion and their values, setting the values and monitoring them or just issuing strong ethos and values and demanding them!

I don’t want a vacuous piece of paper stuck on the wall that nobody reads; I want a living, achievable workplace ethos that enhances my team and my customers.

More importantly we all have to believe and want this as I and the company are nothing without the team.

It is a work in progress and an enjoyable one and if it has a positive outcome I don’t mind being chief washer upper.