Cemetery dog walkers have ‘no respect’

Dog poo in Hale Carr Cemetry
Dog poo in Hale Carr Cemetry

Irresponsible dog walkers who let their pets poo all over a cemetery have no respect, says a man whose sister is buried there.

Andrew Bolton, whose sister Julie Bolton died three years ago at the age of 45, says he is disgusted at the lack of respect shown by dog owners who let their pets foul in the cemetery at Hale Carr Lane and then fail to pick it up.

Andrew, of Heysham, said: “Something needs to be done about this. I visit my sister’s grave two or three times a month and went on Christmas Day and the dog owners let their pets poo all over the place and don’t clean it up.

“It’s not a park. I’ve even seen people camping in there.

“People come to the cemetery to pay their respects and they shouldn’t be dodging dog dirt.

“A lot of people let their dogs off the lead in there - where’s the respect?

“I’ve called police a few times about it.I tackled a woman who had a number of dogs about it and all I got back was abuse.

“If no-one says anything then nothing will get done.That is the society we live in, unfortunately.”

Coun Karen Leytham, Cabinet member for Environmental Health, said: “It is truly disgusting that irresponsible dog owners could allow their pets to behave in this way.

“A sign is displayed at the entrance to the cemetery warning that dogs must be on leads and owners must not allow their dogs to foul.

“Our staff take action when they witness such behaviour.

“However, as they are not on site at all times we rely on the public to make us aware and would urge anyone with information to report it to us.

“This will allow us to put targeted surveillance in place to catch the offenders.”

Report dog fouling to the dog warden service at Morecambe town hall, Marine Road East, Morecambe, on 01524 582757 or email environmentalhealth@lancaster.gov.uk.