Celebrity wedding pair make a date in city

Celebrity Wedding Planners
Celebrity Wedding Planners

THE stunning setting of Williamson Park in Lancaster took centre stage on national TV.

The Ashton Memorial was chosen as a wedding venue by producers of Channel Five’s Celebrity Wedding Planners, where well-known personalities take control of a couple’s wedding day, from choosing the flowers and dresses to locating a venue.

The recently shown episode saw Pineapple Dance Studios star Louie Spence paired up with Benidorm’s barman Jake Canuso to create a wedding day for a couple from Accrington, in East Lancashire.

John Mills, of The Hanging Basket flower shop in Brock Street, got a call from the show’s producers in early July, but was sworn to secrecy until now. John said: “It’s been really exciting for us. “We did the wedding package and the flowers for it. We’re really proud, it’s been quite a prestigious job.”

The bride stayed at The Mill at Conder Green, the night before the big day, and the wedding reception was held at a venue in Blackpool.

Liz Stirrup, manager at the Mill at Conder Green said: “It was excellent, we were really happy to be chosen. We asked the barman from 
Benidorm to speak English in his Spanish accent while we were going up in the lift. The bride was really nervous.”