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Visitor columnist, Carla Brayshaw.
Visitor columnist, Carla Brayshaw.
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You may have heard that last week the town council finally agreed the process of 2015 festival funding.

This is good news, as festival organisers can now start to firm up next year’s plans (and hopefully my husband can start spending a bit more time concentrating on our business).

Since this year’s carnival we have both become much more involved with local projects and causes, but David’s absence is getting ridiculous; I’m seriously thinking of getting a cardboard cut-out of him to sit at his desk. To be honest, that’s not a bad idea, I’d probably get better conversation out of it too.

Seriously though, there is a lot of planning and organising still to do for next year’s carnival. At MC14 we anticipated and planned for around 4,000 people and then 30,000 turned up. The attendance was absolutely wonderful however, it does mean that we have to plan for 30,000 next year. In fact, as we are extending the event over a whole weekend, we are having to plan for 50,000 over the two days.

This means increased numbers of stewards, security, bins, toilets, signs, fences etc, and of course, all this means extra money. The final cost of MC14 was in the region of £30,000. Next year we are probably looking around the £50,000 mark.

When you consider that the weekend is a free event, it means that we have to raise an awful lot of money.

I know that this is something which David constantly worries about, along with the weather, the public, the performers, the float entries, etc. This is the stuff which keeps him awake in the middle of the night. I know this as he wakes me to tell me.

MC15 will be much bigger than this year and amongst other new attractions, we will be bringing back the Sandcastle Festival.

This used to be run by Lancaster City Council and our Facebook feedback questionnaire showed that people wanted it to return. We thought that this would be an ideal addition to the events which we have planned for the Saturday. We have discussed the idea with city council and they have encouraged us to go for it. We’ve even been in touch with a camel supplier; it will cost a lot of money but camels on Morecambe beach would be such a sight.

We already have horses and donkeys booked and I’ve personally made sure that these are vet checked, will have sufficient breaks and basically will be well looked after. The care of horses and donkeys is pretty straight forward but camels – I’ve no idea where to start. I don’t even know if they need water during the day.

Another addition to the Saturday schedule is an ‘It’s a Knockout’ event in the Bay Arena, opposite the Winter Gardens. This promises to be a great fun event and so anyone who may be interested in entering a team, email us to register and you’d better be quick, because numbers will be strictly limited.