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Visitor columnist, Carla Brayshaw.
Visitor columnist, Carla Brayshaw.
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Last week was our 20th wedding anniversary and I was pleasantly surprised when David told me he was taking me to the Midland Hotel.

I should have suspected something was up when he told me we had to be there by 5.30pm. A bit early I thought, but maybe we would be having tea out?

We arrived at The Midland but instead of heading to the restaurant, I was unceremoniously ushered into the Marion Dorn suite.

I was just quick enough to catch a glimpse of the notice on the door as I passed ‘Morecambe BID Meeting’

Great, I realised that I’d been duped again, we weren’t here for a romantic evening at all; we were here to listen to a presentation about a possible Business Improvement District (BID) application for Morecambe. I have to admit that I enjoyed the presentation by the Lancaster and District Chamber of Commerce and I can definitely see the advantages of a BID.

The work that has been done in Lancaster is testament to what can be achieved if the right people are involved.

Thanks to Matt, the Midland manager, we did sample some lovely cakes and a bottle of champagne after the meeting, so not a bad way to end the evening.

Also this week I decided to take up running.

Although I have a horse which keeps me reasonably fit, I would like to increase my fitness, especially as I spend a lot of time sat at a desk, or in the car.

I was out in Morecambe a few weeks ago and came across an old friend who is now a fitness coach who tells me she can get non-runners to 5km in 10 weeks.

This interests me. Apparently, there is an element of technique about this running, you have to build up gradually, not just run until you get a stitch.

My friend’s group is aptly called Plodding Along, which sounds about right.

So I joined the group via Facebook and took myself off to buy some running gear and a pair of trainers, as I own neither.

Now I don’t know when buying trainers got so technical.

Riding boots, I know exactly which ones I need. Same with shoes.

Once inside the sports shop I am out of my depth and vaguely pointed to the trainers I quite liked the look of.

They were unsuitable, I was advised, as they were cross trainers. Ok, well the pink ones then.

We settled on a breathable, lightweight running shoe and I was asked to step on the treadmill whilst my gait was filmed from behind.

I don’t like the sound of this and sure enough I land with a twist, which requires the purchasing of remedial insoles.

My first session was Monday night and I really enjoyed it. Who knows I might just get to 5k and maybe I can drag David out too. He only runs to the car if it’s raining and even then he gets a stitch.