Carers are ‘too old’ to party in club

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Care workers enjoying a night out in Lancaster for Christmas were stopped in their tracks after being told they were “too old” to get into a nightclub.

Maria Akister, 54, a support worker who lives in Millhouse Mews, said that the actions of a bouncer at The Lounge in Penny Street had “ruined what was otherwise a really good night”.

Maria said: “We decided to pop into The Lounge at around 2am.

“One of my colleagues tried to go in first, and I was at the back.

“He started laughing and my other colleague Rita was laughing too, basically the doorman had said we were too old and we couldn’t come in. He said why not try Hustle or Revolution, they might let you in there.

“We carried on up the road to get something to eat and we were laughing but I think we were in shock.”

“I went back down and asked the doorman for 
his name so I could 
make an official complaint, but he wouldn’t give me his name. I was totally shocked. If we were too young, or too drunk, I could have understood, but to be told we were too old? It’s ridiculous and basically it ruined what was otherwise a really good night out.”

Grant Stringer, who runs The Lounge, said it was not company policy, and would be investigating further.