Canvassing team walked past but didn’t come in

Mick Dennison. Pub Landlord. York Hotel, Morecambe.
Mick Dennison. Pub Landlord. York Hotel, Morecambe.
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How was the election for you, and did it go the way you wanted?

I see that Morecambe went with the national trend which immediately caused a backlash on social media – so where did it all go wrong for Labour?

My own exclusive exit poll from the pub on Thursday revealed a lot of tactical voting by the locals and as it turned out the gap between blue and red was almost the same amount of votes cast for UKIP – very strange. I did however about a month ago suggest to the parties they should possibly do a bit of campaigning around the local hostelries of the town.

I personally spoke to both UKIP and Conservative but although the Labour canvassing team passed by every day they never came in to engage with the so called quiet men and women of England that helped the Tories to victory.

A victory, it seems, for the country over the Metropolitan elite despite the so called Islington Intelligentsia’s attempts to spread doom and gloom from their trendy wine bars.

It was interesting to hear on the news over the weekend as the post mortem was being carried out that Labour did admit to “ignoring the man in the pub having a good old moan about how the country is run.”

Locally the day belonged to Labour – maybe they can show their defeated national leader the way forward.

So what happens next? Will the Scots build a new Hadrian’s Wall, will Trident be moved south to Glasson Dock and will Celtic and Rangers eventually end up playing Morecambe FC in League 2?

Furthermore, will people from this country be hot footing it up the M6 to claim political asylum in Scotland? Let’s face it, with those free prescriptions and university places never mind all that oil revenue some folk from here would love that ‘something for nothing’ Utopia that seems to exist north of the border.

Even better, if you are a fish lover they have lots of Salmon(d), Sturgeon and Kippers – book me a seat to Glasgow now.