Can you help Tiggy find his owner?

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Cats Protection want to reunite this cat with its owner.

The cat, which answers to the name of Tiggy, is currently with a foster carer but has been seen hanging around Grange Street in Bare since September last year waiting to be fed.

Tiggy’s foster carer said: “Having “fostered”Tiggy for three weeks now in my home, I am convinced that he was not abandoned (as per the Cats Protection opinion,) but got lost in his quest for a mate.

“He was not neutered and when my neighbour’s pedigree cat came into season, he got her!

“When he was back from surgery, I let him free in my home and fed him and he was reluctant to leave.

“The long and short of it is that he has bonded with me to such an extent, I know his character in depth. He answers to the name of Tiggy which could be short for Tiger - he looks like one despite the colouring.

“He follows me around like a dog and I would love to re-unite him with his owner.”

Contact Cats Protection on 01524 850112.