Call for traffic lights after prom crash

The incident outside The Pier
The incident outside The Pier
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A Morecambe resident has called for traffic lights to be installed at a pedestrian crossing on the promenade following a collision at the weekend.

Sheila Smith of Rosebery Avenue said she was once nearly knocked over at the crossing outside The Pier after a vehicle stopped and another crashed into the back of it, pushing the car in front into her path.

Sheila’s picture (above) shows a similar incident on the afternoon of Sunday October 4 in Marine Road Central outside The Pier Hotel.

She said: “These crossings are still using the old Beacon style on the zebra crossings.

“Surely these should be made up to date and have the traffic light system in progress.

“I was once nearly knocked over at these crossings as I was crossing the road when a car run into the back of the one in front, and it was pushed onto the crossing, and I had to jump back before I was hit.”

No-one was seriously injured in the incident on Sunday.