Town’s cinema bought out by Vue


IT’S business as usual at all Apollo cinema sites, including Morecambe, after a buyout by Vue Cinemas, according to a spokesperson for the company.

Vue Cinemas, which has a site in Lancaster, has acquired all 14 Apollo cinemas for about £20million.

Tim Richards, CEO of Vue, said: “We are delighted to have acquired the Apollo Cinemas multiplex circuit.

“Their 14 cinemas are built to very high specifications complete with Dolby digital surround sound and large wall-to-wall screens.

“The cinemas are also 100 per cent equipped with Sony’s superb market leading digital 4K projectors, which are the same as those being rolled out across Vue.

“These high quality cinemas perfectly complement Vue’s existing circuit of 71 cinemas.

“The combination of the two circuits will enable the 14 Apollo sites to quickly take on and deliver Vue’s extensive and popular range of ‘Vuenique’ products and services aimed at delivering the very best possible cinema experience to our customers.”

Simon Gregg for Apollo Cinemas UK said: “I believe that the sale of my late mother’s company to Vue will place the circuit in good hands.

“We are very proud of what we have achieved and wish all our employees even more success in the future.

“Being part of Vue allows them new opportunities to progress their careers with the UK’s leading cinema company.”

The Apollo Cinemas purchased by Vue Entertainment are Altrincham, Morecambe, Barrow-in-Furness, Port Talbot, Burnley, Redditch, Carmarthen, Rhyl, Fareham, Stafford, Leamington Spa, Stroud, London – Piccadilly Circus and Torbay.

The combined UK circuit will have 85 multiplexes with close to 800 screens.

A spokesperson for Vue Entertainment said: “Its business as usual for all Apollo sites.”