Tenants quit rented house after illegal sublet discovered

Kate Sullivan.
Kate Sullivan.
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A house that was being illegally sublet has been recovered by Lune Valley Rural Housing Association thanks to sharp detective work by a staff member.

The tenants of the three bedroom house in Caton moved out after buying their own home, allowing their daughter to move in.

And a call to the Land Registry by Adactus Housing Association, who manage the home on behalf of Lune Valley, confirmed a neighbour’s suspicion that they had bought a property elsewhere.

Tia Mantack, Tenancy Enforcement Assistant with Adactus, said: ‘We got a tip off that this property was illegally occupied when a neighbour rang and said that the legitimate tenants were no longer in the property.

“After checking with the Land Registry, we were able to establish that the tenants had bought another property.’

Adactus served Notice To Quit on the woman living in the house and she surrendered the keys two weeks later.

Kate Sullivan, Tenancy Enforcement Manager with Adactus, said: “The Government has encouraged social landlords to be more proactive in tackling tenancy fraud and thanks to the information supplied by a neighbour we have been able to recover this property on behalf of Lune Valley and ensure that it is allocated to a family in real need.

“Affordable rural housing is a scarce resource and people who are tempted to think they can make a few pounds by letting a property that they don’t own to a friend or family member should be aware that they could end up with a criminal record.”