Shopping areas key to revival

Shopping in The Arndale Centre in Morecambe.
Shopping in The Arndale Centre in Morecambe.

Improving the Arndale Centre and Victoria Street shopping area is seen as key to Morecambe’s revival.

The MAAP sets out a number of ways to do this.

They include:

* Transforming the area between Barclays Bank and the Post Office into a public place of real 
quality; “a fitting focus for the entrance to the Arndale”

* A better pedestrian route around the library

* Finding a use for the closed-down St Laurence’s Church on Edward Street, and improving the area in front of the church

* Overhauling the junction of Market Street and Victoria Street and Euston Road, which could include changes to parking and turning arrangements for taxis

* New surfacing, lighting, seating and signs for New Town Square (the square near the Travelodge), plus a new central seating feature using the current ‘Beauty Surrounds, Health Abounds’ mosaic

* Better fascias and signs for the Arndale

* Encouraging investment in the Arndale

The city council will also work with the Town Team, who are coming up with ideas to spend £100,000 Government cash on changing Victoria Street into a ‘High Street of the future’.